Banking that’s better for all of us.
Introducing Beta Bank—the kind of bank the world needs now. Digitally native, easily accessible, and equitable to its core.

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Traditional banks are biased and broken. Which is bad for business. Bad for everyone.

Traditional banks bleed capital.

Well-known banks waste millions in discriminatory lending lawsuit payouts every year while subjectively granted SBA default rates climb.

Bias undercuts equity.

Small businesses owned by women and minorities are nearly 3x less likely to be approved…and pay higher fees on loans they receive.

Inefficiency tanks profitability.

High service and staffing costs and inefficient systems stop big banks from issuing the under $250k loans small businesses need, catastrophically undermining economic growth.

Small business suffers.

Big banks deny 75% of loan applications they receive, keeping creditworthy small businesses – the real lifeblood of our economy - from the capital they need to survive.

We’ve found a way to change all that.

We’ve created a different way of banking, built on success, not failure. Because we believe when small businesses succeed, we all succeed.

Our innovative algorithm helps us eliminate bias, reduce risk.

Traditional banks rely on subjective human judgment to choose who to give loans to. With the tested and proven algorithm we developed, we can bank on objective assessments and can grant loans to those who truly deserve them – those at the least risk for defaults.

We increase access to smaller amounts of flexible capital.

With their outdated systems, archaic banks can only afford to lend to the big players, which is costing them millions. We make money more available to everyone…like those who have too often been denied it. Which leads to demonstrably better outcomes for ALL.

We profit when our customers do well.

Old school banks profit when their customers do poorly. They charge overdraft fees, minimum balance fees, monthly account fees. Our profits are directly related to our customers’ success. Which is better for them. And for us. It’s capitalism the way it should be.